J.M. Nimocks

Artistic Rising: Climate in Crisis
Type of work
Anti-Disciplinary Artist

J.M. Nimocks, madame joy ma, will produce a public radio show that illuminates the work of QTBIPOC healers/organizers of southern Louisiana who work with the earth. They will also organize a kiki ball centered around the theme of QTBIPOC cultural preservation as related to physical environment and queer apothecaries. madame joy ma is an anti-disciplinary artist and scholar from Sunflower, Mississippi who is most concerned with building utopias for Black, trans, gender variant, disabled communities across the globe through installation art, performance, scholarship, and sounds. joy ma chooses the mainstream and kiki ballroom scene as their place of refuge, spiritual freedom, and artistic expression. They are a member of the kiki House of Blyndex based in Brasil, a founding member and creator for Ghetto Heaven Collective, and are forming a new, mainstream ballroom house in the Pacific Northwest. Their creative mediums are dj-ing, sound production, curation, performance, and hosting elaborate dinner parties for their chosen family.