Kina B. Joshua

Artistic Relief Residencies
Type of work
Radical healing

Radical healing is a nonlinear approach requiring commitment and heartful action through practices that are often not shared in our current health system. As a Radical Healer, Kina B. Joshua incorporates her scientific knowledge of the human body, art, dance, meditation & yoga, and a variety of other tools in practicing ways of being that rejuvenate your spirit and revitalize your health. She studied Biology-Pre-Med and later at the University of Bridgeport for Naturopathic Medicine and began to understand and experience the vital role our brain, nutrition, environment, and individual constitutions play in affecting our health. Understanding what foods, macronutrients, micronutrients, bacteria, movement, and therapeutic touch are required to restore synergy in the body is just as significant as recognizing the role our patterns, habits, and familial traditions play in this process. By addressing healing from this perspective, we begin to restore synergy in the body from a place of empowerment with long-lasting effects.