Dovile Vilda

Scholarly Retreats
Type of work

Dovile Vilda’s academic and research background is in social policy analysis and child/youth research, and her current work examines the role of state-level policies and other social determinants on maternal and child health. She received a Ph.D. in Child & Youth Research from the School of Social Work and Social Policy at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and a M.Sc. in Migration Studies/Social and Behavioral Sciences from Utrecht University (the Netherlands).

Vilda’s research interests include mixed research methods, social and health policy analysis, and conducting ethical research with vulnerable populations. In her next research project, she turns to explore and understand the reasons underlying persistent health disparities among children and youth from different racial and immigrant backgrounds. Using her skills and training in policy analysis and child/youth research as well as current work on social determinants of health, she proposes to move beyond individual and family-level explanations and to examine the associations between the state-level policies and disparities in child health outcomes.

During her scholarly retreat, she aims to develop a funding proposal for an interdisciplinary, secondary data analysis of the impact of social policies and area-level social, environmental and economic factors (e.g., concentrated disadvantage, structural racism, and crime) on children’s health outcomes in the US. Activities at the retreat will involve reading and reviewing the relevant literature, finalizing research aims and objectives, drafting the full proposal, and conducting preliminary data analysis for inclusion of early evidence within the funding application.