Erin Glackin

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Type of work

Erin Glackin is a fifth-year graduate student in the School Psychology doctoral program. Her research and clinical interests center on the experience and impact of violence and other forms of trauma, particularly when experienced in early life. Ms. Glackin has a particular interest in the biological embedding of adversity, and her dissertation will examine differential neurobiological susceptibility to violence exposure and sensitive parenting in early childhood. This project highlights another central feature of Ms. Glackin’s research and clinical practice: the critical importance of early caregiving relationships. Specifically, Ms. Glackin’s work has also explored the mother-child relationship not only in the context of intergenerational transmission of adversity but also as a protective factor that can support resilience and adaptive child development. While in residence at A Studio in the Woods, Ms. Glackin plans to continue working on her dissertation as well as preparing applications for 2020-2021 internship.