Sidiki Conde

Artistic Rising: Climate in Crisis
Type of work
Performing Artist
New York

Sidiki Conde used his residency to immerse himself in the culture, nature and music of the region and compose a series of songs about climate change. Sidiki collaborated with Dr. Michael White for a performance and panel on music of the African Diaspora at FORESTival that was moderated by former resident Monique Moss and also featured Congolese drummer Papa Titos Sompa. Additionally, Sidiki worked with the National Park Service to record a video filmed at A Studio in the Woods with Dr. Michael White and his band focused on the environmental challenges our region faces and creativity’s role in addressing them.

Sidiki Conde’s music derives from the traditional rhythms of Guinea. In keeping with the West African griot traditions of his homeland, his lyrics are his own compositions within which he chronicles his life’s journey. Conde has performed with West Africa’s premier music and dance ensembles, including the prestigious Les Merveilles de Guinea and the Ballet African. His music brought him to America in 1998 and in 2007 he was awarded the National Heritage Fellowship, Lifetime Honors from the National Endowment for the Arts.