Su Prevost

Emerging Writers’ Residencies Artistic
Type of work
Literary Artist

Su Prevost is a climate activist, teacher, writer, and South Louisiana water baby whose creative writing process incorporates nature’s turmoil, subtleties, and all the beauty of home into narratives that highlight her formative challenges for survival. She utilizes regional and emotional places to reflect upon and illuminate the touchstone issues of queerness, race, and gender. Prevost maintains that she just may be a humble mouthpiece for what her parents and ancestors couldn’t or wouldn’t access. While in residence Prevost will work on a novel in verse about the struggle of a girl’s early loss of her father and her subsequent scrappy piecemeal survival.  Enter the questions of God, sexual identity, and race. Enter the inheritance of unclaimed familial roots and truths – from San Ciparello, Sicily to Indian Village in St. Tammany Parish.  While at A Studio In The Woods, Su is looking forward to learning about the flora and fauna of our setting for inclusion in her current work.