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The residency season is from September to May, with the Request for Proposals announced on a rotating basis. Click here to receive ASITW’s eNewsletters.

Applying for a Residency
residency at asitwAdaptations Residencies invite artists to examine how climate driven adaptations - large and small, historic and contemporary, cultural and scientific - are shaping our future. The next call for applications will be announced in early 2019. To view last year's application, please click HERE.

Artist Eligibility
Open to visual, musician/composing, performance, literary, new media, and interdisciplinary artists. Both established and emerging artists are encouraged to apply, but a rigorous work ethic and demonstrated ability to work with colleagues and wider audiences are expected. Students are not eligible.

asitw facilitiesA Studio in the Woods, located on the Mississippi River bank within the city limits of New Orleans, is located on bottomland hardwood forest that was clear-cut in the late 1700s to make way for a sugar cane plantation. One of the few remaining pieces of forest in the area, it is lush, precious and endangered. Under the care of our Environmental Curator, the land is reclaiming characteristics of its once pristine state. Please note that ASITW is located in a semi-tropical environment. Early fall tends to be quite hot and humid, up to the 90’s through October. While the winters are fairly mild, temperatures can fluctuate drastically between 25 - 75 degrees every few days. Spring temperatures range from 59 - 89 degrees with humidity levels upwards of 75%. Spring is an incredibly beautiful time in the woods though rain and sometimes mosquitoes can be plentiful! There is no public transportation. ASITW is 9 miles from the nearest grocery/ pharmacy.

Studio/Work Facilities
There is a private studio (approximately 185 square feet) furnished with a writing desk, an electric keyboard, ample wall and shelf space and a beautiful view of the pond and surrounding woods. This building has limited wireless access. There is a meadow and wooded land on the property available for outdoor installations, performances, or workspace. Nearby there are also many miles of public land on the Mississippi River levee and batture. Any additional equipment needed is the sole responsibility of the artist although the supply stipend may be applied to the purchase of needed materials.