Udita Mukherjee

Scholarly Retreats
Type of work

Udita Mukherjee is a PhD candidate and Vokes Fellow in the Earth and Environmental Sciences department at Tulane University. She is a geologist interested in understanding how sea level has changed in the past, and the effect these changes have had on the sediments carried by rivers to the deep sea. For her research, she routinely thinks about the relationship between the land and the sea and the coastal wetlands in different parts of the world, including the coasts of Louisiana, during the last 20,000 years of our history. Studying about an issue that has implications for not just multiple natural and social science disciplines, but also actual human beings, living in these coastal areas, she hopes to add substantial knowledge towards a number of social justice movements, starting with climate justice. During this residency, she will focus on finishing her PhD dissertation.

Headshot by Unmesha Roy Paladhi