Staff & Board

  • Ama Rogan
    Managing Director
    Ama Rogan is the Managing Director of A Studio in the Woods. She is a native New Orleanian who earned a BFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1988 and had a professional art practice until 2000, working in a variety of media including printmaking, ceramics and mixed media. In 2001 she joined the fledgling Board of Friends of A Studio in the Woods and founded the Program committee that oversaw the development of the Studio’s signature residency program. In 2004 she became Managing Director and recognized the opportunity to focus residencies on pressing environmental themes. She spearheaded the transition of the program to the internationally recognized leader in ecological residencies that it is today. Rogan directs the planning, development and management of A Studio in the Woods and the ByWater Field Station at Carmichael Forest.
  • Cammie Hill-Prewitt
    Residency Coordinator
    Before moving to New Orleans to pursue a Masters degree in Art History at Tulane, Residency Coordinator Cammie Hill-Prewitt was the Program Manager of a non-profit organization in San Francisco working with emerging visual artists. Passionate about the arts, she has worked in non-profits for more than fifteen years. She started working at A Studio in the Woods in 2007 and enjoys finding new ways to bring the arts to the Greater New Orleans community and to students of all ages. Part of Cammie's job is to help source the materials, sites and individuals that artists need to create risk-taking new works during their residencies. In addition to facilitating programmatic activities such as Kids in the Woods summer camp and the annual FORESTival fundraiser, she acts as a grantwriter, bookkeeper and database manager for the organization.
  • Grace Rennie
    Residency Technician
    Grace Rennie has served as the Residency Technician at A Studio in the Woods since early 2017. She wears a number of hats in this role, managing the facilities and marketing for the residency as well as assisting with events and programming. Rennie is a weaver and arts administrator who has worked with a number of organizations across the New Orleans area since her arrival to the city in 2011, including the UNO - St. Claude Gallery, National Performance Network, Prospect New Orleans and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. She holds a BFA in Fiber and Material Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a MA in Arts Administration from the University of New Orleans.
  • David Baker
    Environmental Curator
    David Baker studied botany under Dr. Bill Platt at LSU and went on to study the impacts of Hurricane Andrew on Everglades National Park and LSU’s Ben Hur Woods, a bottomland hardwood forest.  While working in the Everglades, Baker learned the trade of prescribed burning.  Following his time at LSU he worked at the Louisiana Nature Conservancy as the Louisiana State Land Steward, managing and burning 16 nature preserves in Louisiana. In 2004 Baker began removing Chinese Privet at A Studio in the Woods and has worked there ever since as the program's Environmental Curator. While working at A Studio in the Woods Baker has installed thirty-two ten-meter by ten-meter plots for the long term study of changes in the ecosystem during the restoration process.
  • Joe M. Carmichael
    Co-Founder and Steward
    Joe M. Carmichael is the co-founder and steward of A Studio in the Woods. Born and raised in West Texas, Joe moved to New Orleans in 1941 and purchased the land that is now A Studio in the Woods with his wife Lucianne in 1969. Joe worked as a journalist and lobbyist for public education before retiring. Joe enjoys woodworking and watching the woods grow from his porch swing.


Board of Friends of A Studio in the Woods

Chair – Mary Len Costa
Treasurer – Lynne Burkart
Secretary – Benjamin Morris

Katrina Andry, Joe M. Carmichael, Luann Dozier, Mignon Faget, Alicia Franck, Tina Freeman, Robert Hopkins, Scott Hutcheson, John Kleinschmidt, Baishali Mallik, Alexandra Mora, Libra LaGrone Pealer, Ylva Rouse, Jackie Sullivan, and Dawn Wesson.