Scholarly Retreats

Since 2014, A Studio in the Woods has hosted academics and scholars for residencies, providing a creative respite from life at the university. Current programs include:

Tulane ByWater Institute Scholarly Retreats – A Studio in the Woods and the Tulane ByWater Institute seek to enhance and support the scholarship and creativity of Tulane faculty and trainees by awarding one-week residencies. These residencies provide a retreat for faculty and trainees across disciplines to work on a discrete project or scholarly pursuit that can be new or complementary to ongoing work.

Tulane School of Liberal Arts Scholarly Retreats – Funded by the School of Liberal Arts, A Studio in the Woods hosts 4 one-week residencies for Liberal Arts faculty to write scholarly publications, work on creative projects, or begin work on a new project each academic year.

Tulane English Department Graduating Senior Retreat – Each academic year, the Tulane Department of English awards one exceptional graduating senior in the Creative Writing concentration with a three day retreat.

Xavier University Scholarly Retreats – We have partnered with Xavier University to host two Faculty Writing Retreat Fellowships each academic year.