Forest Research

Since 2004, Environment Curator David Baker has been conducting research on the bottomland hardwood forest at A Studio in the Woods.

In 2004, thirty-two ten-by-ten meter square research plots were installed for long term monitoring of our invasive species eradication project.  Within the area of the plots all trees above two centimeters in diameter were mapped, measured for diameter, and damage described.  These trees are surveyed annually for the above criteria, as well as any new trees that have reached two centimeters in diameter.  The plots are documented from twenty-six fixed photo locations to monitor changes visually.  There are three pictures taken at each photo point, with only one photo taken at the two front photo locations.  Pictures are always taken in mid-March as the growing season is beginning for a total of seventy-six photos. Every two years an invasive species count is done within this area for the correlation to overall hardwood growth as it relates to Chinese Privet removal.