Deborah Jack

Special Collaborations
Type of work
Multidisciplinary Artist
New Jersey

Deborah Jack, is a St. Maarten and Jersey City-based multi-disciplinary artist whose work is based on video/sound installation, photography, painting, and text. Her work engages a variety of strategies for mining the intersections of histories, cultural memory, ecology, and climate change. Her work was featured in the exhibition Forecast Form: Art in the Caribbean Diaspora, 1990’s-Today at the MCA Chicago, and she will travel to ICA Boston in Fall 2023. In Fall 2021 Deborah Jack: 20 Years was presented at Pen + Brush in New York City. Deborah is a recipient of a 2021  Nancy Graves Grant for Visual Artists. She is 2023 Changing Climate Resident at the Santa Fe Art Institute and a Surfpoint Foundation residency. Deborah is currently a Professor of Art at New Jersey City University.

She is connecting the effects of the storm surge in relation to coastal erosion and saltwater inundation of intertidal spaces to the rhizomatic and protective landscapes as sites of resistance. This altered landscape, though temporary, is an exciting conceptual space regarding the memory of water,

During her residency, she hopes to explore further the fragile coastline ecological zones that are protective but also in danger due to erosion and saltwater inundation. She hopes to understand the shared vulnerabilities faced by island and coastal communities as the sea level rises and the memories of communities embedded in these landscapes face an existential crisis and look for strategies to counter the sense of loss.