Benjamin Morris

Artistic Ebb & Flow
Type of work

Morris took every opportunity to go out in the woods absorbing great botanical detail and spent his studio time creating allegories based on the changing forest ecology for a new book of poetry titled Ecotone. He hosted a poetry workshop for students from Algiers Technical Academy, using a small unidentified animal skeleton to appeal to the young poets’ sense of intrigue.

Benjamin Morris’s work – poetry, fiction, plays, and essays – appears regularly in publications in the United States and Europe.  He is the recipient of awards from the Mississippi Arts Commission and the Library of Congress. A member of the Mississippi Artist Roster and affiliate researcher at the Open University (UK), he lives in New Orleans.

“In my time there, I came to think of A Studio in the Woods as a beacon. In the physical sense, certainly, as a house full of light, guiding one home from the darkness of the forest, but moreso in the symbolic sense: as a place of rest and refuge, where the weary feel restored and wanderers find anew their path. Each day I asked myself again: could it really be true?”